Labanditaccia | Farm
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La Banditaccia’s spectacular vineyards and wine cellar are located on the Strada del Montecucco and, its vineyards are giving life to a an excellent San Giovese. La Banditaccia will soon be offering a selection of three different wine bottles. The first will be a San Giovese Montecucco Docg, the second will be a Riserva Montecucco and the third will be an IGT Toscana.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil:


The olive yards count more than 1200 trees of different sub-species located all around the property. The majority of the olive yards are harvested at the same time and their fruits are transformed into our Organic Certified (IGP)Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Instead, our oldest olive yard is located just in front of the main house and extends itself down to the stables.
These ancient and more than centenary trees, belong to a subspecies (cultivar) of olive tree called Seggianese. This is a very special species and it can only be found around the area of Monte Amiata. Its peculiarity resides in its fruity flavour and in the fact that these trees only grow between 200 and 650 meters above sea level. It is because of its location at a certain altitude and its proximity to the mountains that these trees give a particularly fine olive oil, with a percentage of unsatured fat acids equal or above 78%. From next year we will be making some bottles of this very special Extra Virgin Olive Oil Seggianese Dop.

Lavender Essential Oil:


La Banditaccia’s lavender essential oil is 100% pure and organic.