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Our story:


La Banditaccia is owned and managed by a young couple from Rome who, after having travelled the world, was struck by the preciousness and beauty of their own roots and traditions.
For this reason, they decided to go back to the origins and start living a sustainable life with what the land can give. The new management of La Banditaccia takes place in a completely organic and ecofriendly way, and each and every plant and animal is cared and looked after with respect and in harmony with nature and the ancient traditions of the land.



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About La Banditaccia:


La Banditaccia is a completely restructured ancient 18th century farmhouse. The property extends itself for 272 acres around the main house; surrounded by olive yards, vineyards, woods and 2 and 1/2 acres of lavender. The farmhouse is located on the hill side of Monte Amiata; the sacred mountain of the Etruscans.
The view from La Banditaccia is free from any sign of modernity and, also at night, the farmhouse benefits from such an isolation that you can admire the stars with absolutely no light pollution from thetown centres.
The production of La Banditaccia is mainly focused on wine, oil and lavender. Our uncontaminated environment allows us to give you products of the highest quality standards.
Previously to its renovation in 2018, La Banditaccia was the protagonist of a farmhouse British reality show, currently airing on the BBC.

Where To Go:


If instead, you wish to socialize with people other than the Banditaccia owners, there is Monticcello Amiata at a 5-minute drive, Arcidosso and Castel del Piano at a 10- minute drive. Monte Amiata is at a 20-minute drive, for walks during the summer and skiing during the winter.
La Banditaccia is one road away from Montalcino, 30 minutes from the seaside, 50 minutes from Siena, 50 minutes from Monte Argentario and 1 hour and 40 minutes from Florence. The ancient Saturnia hot springs and the smaller but picturesque thermal baths of Bagno Vignoni are also at a 50-minute drive.